America's Cup Team Canada 2018


Team Canada travelled to Trinidad & Tobago to participate, once again, at the 9th WDF Americas Cup.  As we were going into this tournament to defend our titles from 2016, the team was full of enthusiasm and could not wait to hit the boards.  Team Canada had a fantastic run right through to the very last game that was played against our rivals, Team USA.  I can tell you, I was proud to be Canadian!!

  • Canada played in Group A with the Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados & Cayman.
  • Canada won the Group with 42 points beating Brazil 11-2, then Barbados 10-3, then Trinidad & Tobago 8-5, and Cayman 13-0.
  • In the semi finals, Canada met the Bahamas Team and with a win, we advanced to the finals against team USA.
  • The finals, Canada against the USA, finished with a score of 7-5 in favour of the USA.

As for the WDF Americas Cup Singles event, Maria Mason and Danna Foster (both from Canada) played against each other in the semi-finals with Sandy Hudson and Lisa Ayers (both from USA) playing the other semi-finals.  Maria Mason and Sandy Hudson faced each other in the finals with Sandy being crowned the 2018 Champion.

In the Men’s section, Darryl Christie was defeated in the top 32 and Willie Covey lost in the top 16.  The winner of the Men’s Singles event was Robin Albury of the Bahamas.

The Youth Event this year was better than we had expected.  In 2014, there were only a handful of youth players. However, this year’s event had a total of 12 youth, 7 girls and 5 boys from Canada, Cayman Islands, Barbados, Bahamas, Trinidad & Tobago, Brazil and Turks & Caicos.  Once again, our Canadian Youth were on top of their game.  

In the Boy’s event, Donovan Pilon played four rounds and won every leg.  This gave him a place in the finals against Adrian Anglin of the Cayman, with Donovan coming out the winner of this event.

In the Girls Event, Hayley Crowley played six rounds and she also won all her legs and finished in first place.  In the finals Hayley played against, and defeated, Kiana Hicks of the Bahamas.

The closing ceremonies saw all teams assembled one more time.  The awards presentation saw Canada take 5 of the awards that were handed out, plus medals for each member of the team.

Youth Boys Champions:   Donovan Pilon
Youth Girls Champions:   Hayley Crowley
Most 180s for Women:   Maria Mason
High Check Out for Men:   Darryl Christie (160)
Low Dart Game / Men:   Darryl Christie (11 darts)
America's Cup Women's Singles Runner-up:   Maria Mason
America's Cup Women's Singles Joint 3rd:   Danna Foster


I would like to say thank-you to our shirt sponsor, Specialty Sports Supplies and Charles Menezes, for their continued support.  Also, a huge thank-you to the youth chaperones, Wanda Chandler and Norm Pilon, as well as the youth coach, Bryan Perrault, for being there for our youth players and guiding them through this new adventure.

Canada should be very pleased with the results of our team; I know that I am.  These six players shot incredible darts for three days and, although we did not retain the Americas Cup Trophy, we did win the hearts of many.  I would like to thank our amazing Team Canada: Darryl Christie, Willie Covey, Maria Mason, Danna Foster, Donovan Pilon and Hayley Crowley. You are great dart players and even more, you are amazing people. 

Respectfully submitted by

Mary Dezan
Team Canada Manager

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