2023 WDF Lakeside World Championships - Player eligibility update

An excerpt from recent communications from the WDF:

  • Many of you will be aware that in previous years the PDC have not allowed male players that play in the PDC World Championship to go on to play at Lakeside. With the WDF Lakeside World Championships now scheduled to take place before the PDCs world championship, we have been speaking to the PDC about this ruling.
  • To be clear, the WDFs view has always been that all players, male and female, should be allowed to play in both tournaments as they have reached the qualifying criteria for each tournament. We have expressed these views to the PDC and we have now been made aware of their decision.
  • The PDC's Board of Directors have informed us (the WDF), that they will not allow anyone that plays at Lakeside between December 2nd-10th 2023 to go on to compete at the 2024 PDC World Championship later in the month. As such, players, both male and female, that qualify for both tournaments will have to make a decision on which World Championships they intend to play in.

Please see WDF website for full announcement regarding player eligibility.

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