NDFC Officiating Accreditation

Provincial Officiating Level I

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National Officiating Level II

The NDFC Level II officiating course is now available through self-study correspondence and an open book online examination.

Course Fee: $30.00 for members | $50.00 for non-members

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Level II Officiating Accrediation Requirements

To successfully achieve NDFC Level II Officiating Certification, participants are required to:

  • Complete the Level II Officiating Workshop via correspondence and successfully complete an open book exam with a minimum of 75% (Trained)
  • Successfully complete 10 hours of a practicum (Certified)

Level II Practicum

Although it is preferred that the practicum take place during either a Youth or Adult National Championships, special arrangements can be made to complete your practicum while working with a certified official in your community. This mentor must be approved by the NDFC prior to completing the practicum. During the practicum, officials must demonstrate the following competencies:

Demonstrates the ability to complete an event draw        

  • Determine appropriately sized sections based on the number of participants in the event
  • Properly seed ranked players into the draw
  • Determine board assignments

Demonstrates the ability to adjudicate a round robin section        

  • Call out matches and board assignments
  • Accurately complete the results on the round robin sheet
  • Determine and complete any necessary tie-breakers

Demonstrates ability to adjudicate a complete knockout event        

  • Accurately transfer round robin results to the correct knockout drawsheet
  • Assign match boards
  • Accurately advance players throughout the event
  • Ensure the correct number of matches are played for each knockout round

Demonstrates the ability to make basic ruling decisions        

  • Knowledgeable of the basic rules contained in the NDFC Rules of Play
  • Recommend to the Tournament Director basic ruling decisions based on the NDFC Rules and the facts surrounding the infraction
  • Utilizes the NDFC Rulebook to point out the infraction and to explain to the players involved of the rule(s) used as the basis for the decision

Demonstrates the ability to adjudicate a stage or stage match        

  • Adjudicated a stage match or staged final by either chalking or calling


Respect in Sport for Officials

The National Darts Federation of Canada is proud to announce our partnering with the Respect Group founded by Sheldon Kennedy and Wayne McNeil to provide officials from across Canada with access to the Respect in Sport Online Workshop. This online training talks about how to prevent and report BAHD (Bullying, Abuse, Harassment, Discrimination) beehaviours. The course will take about 1 hour and consists of the following 7 modules:

  • Before the Buzzer
  • Making the Call
  • What it Means to be Safe
  • Maltreatment
  • Out of Bounds
  • Blowing the Whistle
  • Post Game Celebration

The cost of the course is $20, plus tax. To register, go to: https://ndfc-officials.respectgroupinc.com/

A similar course is available specifically designed for coaches. Click here for more information.