Important Notice About Quebec Open


This notice is being sent on behalf of the Quebec Darts Association and the organizers of the Quebec Open tournament to be held in January 2019. For the past few years, the BDO has insisted that all BDO ranked events must be applied for by the province and the tournament organizers. As the NDFC Ranking Officer, it is my responsibility to send in these applications. 

This is to inform everyone that the 2019 Quebec Open was denied ranking by the BDO unless Quebec changes their date.  The BDO informed us that the dates were interfering with the dates of the World Darts Professional Championship event and that they could not accept the application for the 2019 Quebec Open if the dates were not changed.  Although the World Darts Professional Championship has been on these same dates for many years and the Quebec Open has been on the same weekend for over 30 years, it is hard to understand why it is now a problem this year. This BDO event is attended by very few Canadian players and it is a shame the remainder of Canadian players will not receive the invitation to the BDO World Masters. 

Some players have suggested the Quebec Open change their dates. Events like the Quebec Open take a lot of time to organize, the event has been held on the same date for many years, it is difficult to find venues for a new date with little notice (hotels are booked at least a year in advance), the NDFC calendar is already full and players book flights well in advance when they find seat sales. 

The BDO has been advised that the 2019 Quebec Open will not be moving their date and ranking has been denied. With this year being a World Cup year, many Canadian players will be traveling to ranked tournaments. The Quebec Open Singles Champions will be expecting to receive an invitation to the BDO World Masters. This is not the fault of the Quebec Darts Association, but strictly a decision made by the BDO. 

The Quebec Darts Association wants to ensure that all players across Canada know that the BDO Logo will not be on the poster and the Singles Champions will not receive an invitation to the World Masters. Regardless of that, it is hoped that many Canadian players will participate at the 2019 Quebec Open regardless of the BDO’s decision. 

Maggie LeBlanc, 
NDFC Ranking Officer

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